Coffee: To Drink or not to Drink…That is the Question!


Over three years ago I gave up drinking coffee. My husband and I would drink at least 2-3 cups everyday. We spent so much money on coffee on the go. You know how that is, $4 or $5 for a cup of coffee from one of those big named cafe places. Plus coffee at home, we had to have those fancy Silk creamers to go along with our drinks, not to mention the coffee syrups to make some fancy latte’s. We wanted to change our eating habits and that included what we drank. We decided to go “cold turkey” and stop the coffee drinking. It was difficult for a week but after that we felt better and our wallet was somewhat heavier.

Well…fast forward to November of last year, the weather was getting colder and the coffee was smelling of so pumpkin-y. I thought, I can control myself, just one cup and that’s all I’ll get. Then it turned into every time I went to the book store or Target I would get one. Then one glorious day I found the best invention of all time!! Folgers makes individual coffee bags that you steep for one minute and it’s ready to go. I thought I could control my urges but that didn’t happen. I went from drinking 2-3 cups a week to 2 cups a day at home with my newly found love. At first it kept my energy up and gave me the boost I needed to get through my day. But now it gives me a sick feeling to think I need it. 

I know there is conflicting research that coffee is good for you and that it’s not. I am never sure what to believe. But I do know how it makes me feel. Like other things I have eliminated from my diet that tasted so good, the bad side effects outweigh the good. It speeds up my metabolism where I feel full of energy and not hungry, then I crash and feel instantly hungry and tired. That’s when I over eat to make up for the snacks I missed because of my coffee rush. Ugh. So I am now two days coffee free. I already feel better but I still crave the taste and the habit that I created.

I have now replaced my coffee habit with my long lost love….


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  1. You rock it out with the tea!! I used to be a coffee addict. I grew up in a household where coffee was always available, and I worked in many coffee shops throughout my life. I grew to be really quite fond of the bean and the effects it has. After connecting the adverse effects of coffee on myself though (anxiety and made my skin weird), I gave it up. I’ve had a few lapses back but after a few days I notice how jumpy I am and let it go again. I love green tea, and have noticed tea in general works so much better with me. My fave is Stash tea. They have a pumpkin spice tea that’s awesome. Good luck!

  2. Thank for your comment Kelly! We are tea lovers here too. When I started drinking coffee again I stopped drinking tea, I forgot how many choices I had with tea! I’ve had the same side effects with coffee too, it makes me really jumpy for a while. I will need to try the pumpkin spice tea…sounds yummy!!

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